Move C8 hub to another house, then use Hub Mesh

I sold a vacation home that has an C8 hub and already have a C8 hub at my primary residence. I’d like to use the second hub with the other one using hub mesh.

I have subscriptions on both hubs for cloud backup and remote access, as well as hub protect.

So, I think I need to blow away everything on the second hub, then provision it as a mesh hub.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Reset the radios and then do soft reset from the diagnostic menue.

That will reset eveything to be just like it was when you got it.

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It's not clear to me from your description: are these hubs at the location, and what is the goal with Hub Mesh? If you just want to start one over like new, the above is the way to go. If you want to "share" devices between the two (e.g., for use in automations on the other hub or for monitoring and control from the same hub) with Hub Mesh, then this won't work because they'd need to be on the same network -- but there may be other ways to do what you want.

But again, Hub Mesh would not be needed to use them as effectively separate hubs if that is the goal.

I'm assuming, like @mavrrick58, that you have moved the hub from the sold vacation home to your primary residence, so now both hubs are in the same location/on the same network. If that's the case, the resets that he recommends will do what you want:

Both hubs will still have their Cloud Backup & Remote Admin subscriptions in place after the radio and soft resets. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your response and question. Currently the hubs are at different locations. The plan is to have both of them on the same LAN at one location. I assume Hub Mesh is similar conceptually to a mesh WIFI network - they would act in tandem as one unit. The location for the second hub is in an outbuilding pretty far away from the main hub, so having another one might help with some zwave range constraints at my property. Right now I have a couple of outdoor zwave devices as a range extender, so in theory I could get rid of those.

Awesome! That's what I was wondering about.

Not quite; Hub Mesh just shares devices (events and commands) from one hub to the other over your LAN. It is agnostic to the underlying protocol, whether Zigbee, Z-Wave, or something else and does not "extend" or otherwise affect those per se. The two hubs must also still be managed separately.

However, because each hub would have its own Z-Wave network, that could still effectively solve your range problem -- assuming you have LAN connectivity (to the same LAN as your first hub) in the far-away location for the second hub. The far-away devices could connect to the second hub, and this hub can use Hub Mesh to share events and commands from the "Hub Meshed" devices between the two hubs.

See also:

If your Wi-Fi network is strong enough between buildings it will work. You can share devices in both directions between the hubs, use the devices in automations on both hubs, etc. You have to enable Hub Mesh for each device you want to share and then add them to the other hub.

Yeah, that should work then. I have an Eero mesh WIFI network with strong signals everywhere.

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