Mounting contact sensor outdoors

I have a weatherproofed contact sensor, but need ideas to mount it outdoors e.g. on a patio screen door. I don't trust regular adhesive strips to hold in freeze or heat. But I also don't want to glue it with a permanent bond because I may want to replace it in the future. Thoughts?

Most contact sensors have screw holes

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Mine doesn't... :grimacing:

Well.. That does make it harder.. Interesting, every one I have tested have holes..

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Silicone. Thats what i do. Little bead of white around the sensor, it blends and holds forever.

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I've used silicone caulk for this purpose. It can withstand the elements, yet be removed with caulk remover and/or a putty knife at a later point of time. The only thing is that it takes time to set, so you have to tape the sensor in place for an hour or two.

Edit: Ha - @waffles beat me to it!

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Upon further examination, it does have placeholders to drill the holes in plastic....but also where I want to mount it is a metal surface, and I'm not keen drilling metal....

Beat ya by about 9 seconds :slight_smile:

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Does it bond between plastic and metal also?

For sure. I have a metal screen door outside using an entry sensor. It wont come off until i say so. Silicone is pretty strong, ans like @aaiyar said, it can be removed


I mount all my sensors as shown in this thread. Works great.

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Hope that does work for contact sensors with a magnetic reed switch?

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Scotch 1"x48'' Indoor/Outdoor Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape : Target

I used this thing for outdoor, I didn't use it for heavy objects (like mailbox in pictures), just solar path lights on brick walls and they're still on the wall after a few So Cal summers.

I'm also using it for contact sensors outdoor (Samsung multipurpose sensors in a waterproof plastic box) on metal fences. The sensors showed 120F+ in summer and they're still stuck there.

I have mounted outdoor wireless thermometers using Velcro Extreme Outdoor. It will eventually degrade, but even in the extremes of weather in Chicago, it lasts for several years.

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I use Iris 3320-L contact sensors and place the magnet about midway (actually on top of the QR code) and it works fine for me.