Motors for blinds

I'm new to Hubitat, coming from Smartthings. I really enjoy Hubitat but I have a question.

I'm looking for automate the blinds of my house. But when I try to search I find everyone is talking about blinds like Ikea and I want to automate "hard blinds", like this: IMG_20200322_135520.jpg - Google Drive

I need to motorize the blinds so I'm searching for Hubitat compatible motors to upgrade my blinds.
Anyone can help please?

Thank you in advance.

From what I remember of my time in Europe, to open these (very heavy) blinds you need to pull a tape
You would need a VERY strong motor, with lots of torque, to get these to open.
To close them, don’t you need to first pull on the tape then release it?

I have not heard of anything that is capable of doing this.

The only way I can think of doing this would be to use a separate motor with something like the Fibaro roller shutter controller, then a bespoke app to control it

If anyone makes motorised controllers for this type of blind then you could probably do some kind of automation conversion.


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I don’t know the answer to your question.. Just wanted to say welcome to the community...

Hello and welcome to the community! I don't have an easy solution for you, but I also have hard blinds (though not exactly the same style as yours) and I have automated them, though it was very much a DIY project for hobbyists. Not an off-the-shelf thing for typical consumers.

I documented it here, mostly for myself, so that I would be able to quickly build more sets by following my own instructions.

I have a hunch your blinds could be done similarly, but it would probably have a number of differences from my implementation.

Good luck and please report back if you find something!

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Thanks for answers.
Yes lately I been thinking on implement a generic motor and add a fibaro device for control it.

Hi there,
I think one of the poissible solutions for you (and I have implemented it in my house) is to have a motor (any motor should do but I think Somfy is a good roller manufacturer) controlled by a wall electric switch. You should then buy a roller shutter module (to be installed) in the electric box or in the motor case above the window.
The Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 works fine for me. Just note that the Fibaro roller shutter is a Z-wave device and there is no official driver for it yet.
I have copied a driver from the Smartthings comunity and made the required changes and it works fine.
You can look it up here

Thnaks Amithalp,
I just received the motors and have to install them.
Thanks for the Fibaro driver, I thought it had driver already, I will check when install the motors.

Tbh I would like a roller device which is Zigbee and comptabile with I find fibaro device a bit expensive. Any ideas?

Not sure about zigbee but you can use the Shelly 2.5 which is a WIFI module and costs about half the price.

Thanks again,
Do u know if Shelly 2.5 are compatible with Hubitat or Do I need a custom driver for it?