Motorhome (RV) Automation (A small side project)

Yeah, I have a whole list.. I'm just looking at the ones I can automate atm
Unless I use a solenoid gas valve I'm unlikely to be able to automate these

If I am sent one I will but that probably wont be until xmas or later I think.

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If you have a water heater with electric start, it's controlled by a simple on/off switch.
Which would allow you to convert the circuit to add another Shelley relay for control and feedback.

OK.. a small update..

The Shelly Uni arrived
What a brilliant bit of kit this is!
One of the things it has (which is why I bought some) is an ADC to report on voltage
This works brilliantly (if slightly inaccurately)
The one I'm using is reading about .097 volts low across the board.

I hacked together a driver to I could use it for voltage measurement only
(not really interested yet in anything else)
I also added an adjustment setting so I could easily add the adjustment to the battery/ADC attribute

Until a proper driver is released, this will do nicely

Currently the ADC and battery attributes are the same.
But, after extensive testing, I'm really happy with the result..
I now know the voltage of my leisure batteries and can react if they get too low (actually, I have already configured alerts for this) :slight_smile:

I have put the Uni into a small AA battery case with just a pos & neg wire coming out so easy to install any where.
I'll post a couple of pics when I can



Hi Andy,

Thinking about purchasing a used Ford Nugget and as an avid Hubitat user following this thread with interest. I defintely will be installing a solar panel (or panels) to at least keep the main battery topped up when the nugget is not in use and ideally produce enough power to the leisure battery for extra or longer power when the nugget is in use. I am not really planning on using camping sites with eternal power resources so I really need the keep an eye on the battery levels. I am reading that a lot of nugget users are complaining that the voltage infos displayed in nugget are minimal (pretty much only show the voltage of the batteries only) which you seem to be content with but is personally not enough for me.

I would like to be able to see the current voltage and power consumption of both batteries and the amount of power being produced by the solar panels in a display within the vehicle (WAF) and additional at least on my phone and if at all possible within HE so as to be able to automate turning things off of producing warnings when certain power levels are reached.

I have looked into this pretty cool looking display for viewing the above within the vehicle and it looks like there are modules available that would additionally be able to show all of the above (solar panel power produced, battery voltage and Amp) as well as fluid levels in their app and on a local network.

Having all the information in on place seems important to be able to estimate how long your batteries will last depending on what amount of power you are consuming and being able to act before its too late,

I understand that you only really want to check the voltage of your batteries, but seeing as I have to install PV anyway I want to monitor both the input input and output and maintain the WAF

Take a look ad tell we what you think,


PS. Gotta love those Shellys, I am using a few of them and also Sonoff Minis in HE