Motion trigger with no duration set

Can you set a motion sensor to trigger lights to go on with no duration? In other words, motion turns them on but some other automation will turn them off?

Yes for sure. Motion is just a trigger. You can do anything you like as the action (like turn a light on and then leave it on).

Simplest way to accomplish this is using the built-in Simple Automation Rules app, as shown below.

Great. Thanks.

If I wanted to do something more like trigger lights to go on with Motion, after a certain time, but not if it's a certain amount of time after sunrise and, if the lights have been turned on turn them off at a time relative to sunrise, how would I set that up?

Using Simple Rules, you could setup the following 2 rules. The second rule would need to be setup to turn off all those that might be turned on by the first.

Turning on with motion (Doesnโ€™t look like turning off with sunrise is an option for turning on with motion in Simple Rules...):

This is what you can do to have all those lights turn off after sunset:

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