Motion & Simple Lighting Rules Not working

Yesterday I created a Motion Lighting Rule that didn't work. This Morning I deleted the Motion Rule and created a couple of Simple Lighting Rules with time restrictions and I get the same behavior. The logs are showing the lights coming on, but they don't.

Within these apps are there hardware inabilities? I know they are in the compatible with Hubitat, I check the list.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Simple lighting.
BTW, setting this up seemed simple to do and I successfully setup a motion rule for my bathroom but doing the same in the bedroom is giving me grief.

Currently getting help from P.Stewart on Facebook.

Is there a minimum dimmer level like 10? What kind of devices are these?

Aeotec Trisensor and a couple of Sylvania, zigbee bulbs.

I and Patrick determined it may be a weak zigbee/Z-wave mesh
I tried turning on the lights from the device page and it is finicky.
Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. I have a Zigbee plug/repeater I will try and I have some Aeotec, Zwave repeater I have to find.

The hardware I'm using is compatible with Hubitat or at least it's on the compatible list. I'm just wondering if there were any issues with the hardware and an app?
That's a contradiction, I know but I'm grabbing at straws here. :slight_smile: