Motion Sensors Not Discoverable by Alexa

I've migrated over from SmartThings to HE, and so far I'm enjoying it.

One difference I've noticed, though, is that HE-connected motion sensors are not discoverable by Alexa. They were with Smart things, and Amazon allows them to be used as triggers for routines.

Is there any plan to add this to the Alexa skill?

It would also be really great if virtual motion sensors were also discoverable. That would greatly simplify TTS for Alexa as the virtual motion sensor could be used as a routine trigger.

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It's been a while since we pushed this request with the Hubitat team. The last time we asked we were told it was not a current priority, but they had it on the list. @patrick, @chuck.schwer - any change in the the priority of enhancing the Amazon Alexa Skill to support Motion and Contact sensors?


Yeah we've been discussing this more, and are working up a plan to tackle it. Still not sure on the timeframe but its no longer at the bottom of the priority list.


Thanks, @chuck.schwer, that's good to hear! I shall try to remain patient. :wink:

Thanks for the update, Chuck!

Anxiously waiting for this. Thanks for the update.

It's working in Alexa now.... I just happened to see it while adding some device routines.

I just tested a motion routine in alexa so both motion AND contacts are seen in Alexa.

I've been using them for over a week now.

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