Motion Sensor

Hi...older guy....Newbie...

How do I stop my motion sensor from constantly going off ( im laughing , thinking how stupid this sounds ).....My wife is getting tired of crawling on the is a smart things motion sensor

Im guessing that i need to set a time for it to go on and off....I go to the rules setting but can never find anything....


What automation does your motion sensor do? That would be what you want to control as not always happening, correct? It doesn't matter if the sensor detects motion or not if it doesn't control any other devices. So, what are you controlling with the motion sensor? What apps are you using to do that?

I was trying to enable to be active during a certain time , but I am not seeing any easy ways to do that. ( im sure there is ) Example : I was wanting to use for leaving messages for my wife thru Alexa...she comes downstairs and the sensor activates Alexa , telling her the chores that she needs to accomplish for the day .

Alexa announcing intrusion alerts when motion is detected etc

Okay....then you would set up that logic in whatever automation you build to do that. The motion sensor is on all the time. You can't "turn it off" sometimes and not others. It just reports motion events to the system and then other things can either react to them or not. But if you have no automations built yet, why would your wife have to avoid the motion sensor?

Do you have any automations built yet? Why don't you try some of the tutorials over at

That is a good place to start.

Because I managed to add it to my intrusion alert and it sends a text when she walks by....let me try some things, now that you got me in the right thinking path...thanks

This is really fun though, just trying things

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