Motion Sensor Triggers multiple actions

I'm a super Newbie- this is my second post. Please excuse any ignorance on my part!
I have the following equipment:
C8 elevation
Lutron Pro 2
Lutron dimmer switches
Kasa Wifi Smart Plugs
Z-Wave smart Plugs
A 2 gang rectangular hole switch plate with the dimmer for the overhead light fixture and a non operational switch for the overhead fan that no longer exists in the room

I want to accomplish the following:
when I walk into my office, motion detector( havent purchased one yet but maybe lutron caseta) triggers the following actions/rules:

  1. overhead light that is connected to wall dimmer comes on 50% dimmed
  2. fan that is plugged into smart plug comes on
  3. desk lamp #1 that is plugged into smart plug comes on
  4. desk lamp #2 that is plugged into smart plug comes on

when I leave the room everything turns off

Thank you very very much in advance for any help you can offer- as is clear now- I am an absolute NEWBIE.

After devices are paired and working, install and open the Room Lighting app. It's pretty straight forward to setup and made for just the scenario you describe.

The suggestion of Room Lighting would definitely work for your needs. Basic Rules and Rule Machine could do it too, but I do think Room Lighting would be best.

As for a motion detector, you'll need something other than Lutron for this. Motion isn't passed via Telnet on Caseta systems.

Thanks! I'm on my way here

Not sure why telnet would be an issue- I have the Lutron Pro... anyway, I ended up just getting a Lutron dimmer switch and using that as the action trigger. I have everything working great now- when the dimmer switch is clicked I have my monitors, my Shiit headphone DAC and amp, my fan, my lighthouse lamp, and the overhead lights all come on. When the dimmer is switched off, everything powers off- perfect!
EDIT- I see you said motion ISN'T passed via telnet on caseta - meaning Hubitat probably cannot communicate with Lutron motion detectors... got it