Motion sensor to turn on/off light (but dimmed) during certain hours

I am using HE 7 as well as Lutron Caseta. I just added my Lutron motion sensor in my master bathroom toilet area. I am wanting to have the lights come on with motion during the day but between the hours of say 9pm to 7am they only come on at 15%. When I go into RM it is not even giving me an option to pick that particular sensor. I can see my Zooz 4 in 1 but not the Lutron. Am I missing something? Also any guidance in getting this setup would be greatly appreciated as I am going to trying this blind and hoping for the best at the moment.

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When you added the Motion Sensor to the Lutron Caseta, did you add it through the integration app? (I don’t have any myself, but suspect it is necessary…?)

I don't believe the Lutron "Motion" sensors (Occupancy or Vacancy Sensors in Lutron parlance) are exposed to Hubitat. I haven't played with mine enough to know if there is a work-around. I have one Lutron Occupancy Sensor in my shop and I use it to turn on the overhead light which is on a Lutron switch - then I use the Mirror-Me app in Hubitat to mirror that switch to a Z-Wave (Zooz ZEN 06) outlet that has three ceiling drop fixtures (4 foot long - like florescent but LED).


A good bit of discussion and information on this topic here:

@Eric.C.Miller You're correct. Until LEAP integration works in HE, the motion sensors are not included in the telnet portion. That said, if they can get LEAP integration working, you will no longer need the pro version 2 of the bridge. The cheapy bridge will work fine and 100% local..(The caseta version I mean. For ra2 and 3 you will need the respective bridges but I think ra3 will handle ra 2 devices)


I did.

Well...that stinks! Luckily most of the ones I will be adding do not need anything but on/off. I guess its better I found out now before adding more. The thing I really like about the Lutron motion sensors is the 10 year battery life. Can't will em all I suppose. Thanks everyone for the quick help.

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From what I understand it is a good sensor. I would for now just create a pairing in the lutron app (motion turns on what ever light(s) and leave it there. If you need to have something in he happen when that light comes on you simply write the rule that between x & y times if that light comes on, do something. I think you can specify the time in the lutron app for hours you want the motion sensor to work (I don't have that motion sensor so can't check)

That is actually a great idea...didn't really think of that approach. So, the motion is just set to turn it on regardless of time. Lutron does not allow you to set times for the sensor to work between which is whatever. However, I went in and setup a rule in Basic Rules to when that switch turns on to dim it to 10% and then put restrictions on it for the time of day that I wanted it to work. So, it will turn on and them immediately dim to 10%. The down side is it turns on 100% and then dims but for now it will work and its a good work around if you don't want to get a 3rd party motion sensor. Thanks again for the brainstorming idea.

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Like I said, if they get LEAP going, that should then be exposed to hubitat... Glad you got it going.