Motion sensor rule

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm not sure how to go about this one, particularly as I'm relatively new to HE. I have a motion sensor outside of the bedroom and one inside of the bedroom. I want my lights to turn on when I enter but not to turn on if I have a nap and roll over for example.

So I want the rule to be true if outside bedroom sensor detects motion, followed by inside bedroom sensor detecting motion within 2 seconds. Is this possible? (Theoretically I'm disabling my bedroom motion sensor once in the room for turning the lights on. However I'll use it turn off using a cancel delayed actions after x time of no motion) How would you recommend I do this? Thanks in advance :+1:

You could setup a sequence like this

Outside Bedroom Motion Sensor active

Wait for event:  Inside Bedroom Motion Sensor active --> timeout: 0:00:02
IF (Inside Bedroom Motion Sensor active) THEN
    Do stuff
    Do more stuff

This is a different idea on the same premise. In the past, I have seen the Hue Motion sensors used as a light trigger in bedrooms.

The solution for that was the placement. Instead of being up high in the room or a corner, it's placed closer to ground level, reportedly, under the bed facing the door works. You may want to test that as well.

Cheers for this. It worked a treat. I had practically the same rule set up but mine wasn't quite right this asking for your help. Thanks for you time. Really appreciated

Cheers for your input. That's a great idea indeed. Makes complete sense👍

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