Motion sensor question with automations

I currently own the aeotec motion sensor and humidity level reader but this question can apply to all zigbee or zwave motion sensor.

  1. Can you set the frequency of how often the motion detector should detect motion?
    Ex. If I set a motion detector in the baby's room and there's motion for more than one to two minute then that will tell me he's awake, is that possible? I would it to perform an action like turn my lights in the basement Yellow or have it blink (is that even possible)? Or even text me?

  2. Can you tell the motion detector to ignore motion during certain hours like the day where there's a lot of foot traffic in a certain area where the motion detector will be?

Ex. When I'm in the kitchen during the day I don't want the motion detector to alert me I just wanted to not say anything or do anything until late at night.

  1. I have a routine when I put my baby to bed, my wife Dims the light when I walk in the room (upstairs) through the Amazon cloud cam, then waits like 30 sec and the turn it off, and I ninja myself outta that room. Can this process be automated?

The aeotec really caught my attention because of the built in rechargable battery, so I can wire it to always feed it power. Can anyone recommend other great motion sensor that been a great experience?

The motion detector will always β€œfire” motion events but you control how it reacts via the Rule Manager (and siblings). You should be able to do what you want. Are you sure the Aeotec sensor will charge the battery? I have some Multisensor 6s and it was only one or the other,