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My system currently is small, just 2 Echo Dots, 6 GE z-wave light switches, Ge z-wave Ceiling fan switch, Radio z-wave thermostat, 2 Aaotec z-wave extender/repeaters, 5 Cree zigbee and 1 Hue zigbee smart Bulb’s, connected directly to HE. I want to purchase 2 Smart Things motion sensor’s to control master bedroom and office smart bulbs when entering and exiting. Currently my zigbee Bulb’s are working fine, but I have read that sometimes other zigbee devices and bulbs do not play well with each other. I have also read that z-wave motion sensors have a delay with lights, would I be safe with the Smart Things sensors or would I be better off going z-wave?

My experience is that the Zigbee motion sensors I have used seem faster than the Z-Wave motion sensors I have used. I have several SmartThings motion sensors of different generations and they seem to work well. Caveat - I have no smart bulbs!

Zigbee bulbs (except Sengled) should be isolated from other Zigbee devices. This means a Hue hub (Not sure if Cree can go on Hue hub) or another HE hub. I would recommend you go with z-wave sensors, so you won't have a problem. I like these:
I don't have a significant delay with them.

I don't have this, but I'm sure it would work fine and it's cheaper:

Buy the SmartThings sensor and if the motion sensors fall off the network, which they probably will, but you won't know for sure until you try, then move the bulbs to their own Zigbee network. Some say it's not a problem, not my experience for the majority of users from the many posts I've read on the subject.

A Hue Bridge is a good solution for that. Majority of my lighting is on Hue. The rest is Insteon (so separate hub and radio type) and the remaining are Sengled.

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Thanks for the advise, I am now leaning toward the cheaper Zooz, since I don’t need the More expensive 4 in 1. I may eventually switch to a Hue hub for my bulbs latter on, but for now I guess I will go z-wave for my sensors. I also have a Harmony companion hub and remote and the Hue bridge would let me control some of my bulbs with my companion remote which would be nice, but I am not ready yet.

As long as your not looking for "instant on" Z-wave is fine. It adds a second 'delay' but only one second maybe half. I switched out a Z-wave in my bathroom, because I wanted the light to turn on before my hand got to the switch (or a guest) and Z-wave wasn't cutting it. Aside from that one room the 'delay' is not noticeable.

I'm using the WyzeSense motion sensors and [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration. The sensors are stupid cheap

Sonoff just announced a new range of devices including a supposedly zigbee 3.0 compliant motion sensor (a couple of posts exist if you search). A few have them on order, right now it seems only from the producer. They are also cheap (less than 10 bucks I recall) and the specs look good. Awaiting results but they may be an excellent option to consider in the future.

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