Motion Sensor Issue

Hey all,

I have a Smartthings V4 Motion sensor in one of my bathrooms. I've set up a Motion rule to turn on the GE smart Light switch in that same bathroom. It doesn't seem to be working. I've included screenshots of the log for the sensor, and the rule in Hubitat. I don't see a log for the rule I created in the logs I assume because it has never fired?

Thanks for the help

Something doesn't seem right with what I see here. Per mode? use simple lighting. Set the light to turn on with the motion trigger and turn off when motion stops. Set restriction to only run when mode is Home. Keep in mind that if you do it in one rule, the light won't turn off if the mode changes while the light is on, then it won't turn off. To remedy, you may want to have a separate rule to turn the light off that doesn't have a mode restriction.

Thanks I'll give it a shot

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Just tried, no luck. It doesn't appear it's logging any motion. Here's a screenshot of the rule and the log. I've been in and out of the bathroom several times, but I don't see it becoming active in the log. I'm thinking it's an issue with the motion sensor or driver I have selected maybe?

What type of motion sensor are you using?

Samsung Smartthings V4

which device handler did you choose? Is that zigbee?

I've reuploaded the screenshot above of the device information for the sensor. I don't see a driver for a samsung motion sensor and that was chosen by default

That looks correct. You may not see it in the regular logs. Go to settings, then zigbee logging at the top of the page. you will see the interaction there. then walk past the sensor or activate it in some way. If you're not seeing it there. Exclude it, reboot your hub and try readding it. I've run into similar situations if you're doing a lot in your hub that it won't accept it correctly. - correction.. click the zigbee information then zigbee logging

Can you show the top half of the Motion Sensor's Device Details web page? When watching that page, can you see the Motion Attribute change from Inactive to Active when there is motion? If that page doesn't change, then none of the automations will fire.

I have excluded it 4 or 5 times today and 2 or 3 times over the weekend. Here is the result of walking by the motion sensor... light still did not turn on

Is this the page you're referring to? I haven't seen it say anything but inactive.

Yes, that's the page. Have you pressed CONFIGURE and/or ENROLL RESPONSE on that page with the device 'woken up' ? This will send configuration data to the device to tell it how to report updates to Hubitat.

Also, how long has it been since you replaced the batteries in that device? Sometimes it is the simple things... :wink:

And, before you get too far into your new Hubitat hub... What Zigbee Channel is your hub using? Some ST devices are a little picky, especially older ones. Channel 20 seems to work well for most people (but please don't create a conflict with your ST hub's Zigbee Channel!)

I think you should enter a support ticket. It's showing in the zigbee log in your screenshot. I think you should have someone look into the logs that you can't see. IMHO - edit .. so what wgiewon says first. Didnt see his response.

Yes if you look at the screenshots above I have sent the configure comment at 14:06 and 14:26. Just tried enroll response, don't see any change in the log. I've also tried refreshing but the temperature is still listed as 79 degrees. That was the temperature during the last reset I did while having it in my hand 3 hours ago.

It's been a few months the battery is listed at 55. I think I have a spare I'll give that a shot. Thanks

As soon as you install the new battery, click CONFIGURE and ENROLL RESPONSE, as the device should be awake and ready to receive commands.

Also, do you have any Zigbee repeaters in you house? If you paired the motion sensor next to the HE hub, and then moved it across the house, you may simply be out of range. Adding a few zigbee repeating devices can help dramatically improve your mesh strength.

Ok i'll report back... need to feed the puppies first.

OK done. It did update the battery info and temperature but the rule still isn't working. I included a new log of the sensor and device info page. Still haven't seen it switch to Active on the device info page but on the list of devices it does say active.

No zigbee repeaters I'm about 8-10 feet from the hubitat

I didn't see your question about zigbee channel earlier sorry. I have it on 25 right now. While resetting I had tried changing the channel to 20 (I had seen that in earlier posts) but had trouble getting it to re-discover on 20 so I went back to 25. Slightly terrified that lights won't work for 48 hours if I have to switch to 20, but if that's what I have to do to make it work I guess i'll be terrified for 48 hours LOL. My ST hub is completely unplugged so there should be no interference

OK Hue Hub Channel is now 15 (it was 20 maybe that's why the connection issue earlier... I didn't think to check that) and Hubitat is now set to 20.... I guess now I wait? Or I can reset the bulbs and sensor and re-add them?