Motion Sensor For Lighting Placement Advice

I'm thinking about buying motion sensors for use in lighting, but am not sure if the layout of my place is well set up. How did those of you with motion lighting place your sensors, any tips? Ceiling sensors vs wall sensors? Perpendicular to room entrances? How do you ensure good room coverage while making sure movement in one room doesn't trigger lighting in another? All advice appreciated.

It is all very dependent on the layout of your house. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The best advice I can give, don't mount them permanently at first if you can avoid it. Use something like Command strips at first so you can remove them if you don't like their placement. Then try it out. You'll really only know what works best for you and your sensors by trying it out in your space. Also, be sure to read the device's instructions. Some motion sensors like to be at chest level, some prefer to "look down".

We have fairly bulky trim around our windows and doors so I have been able to setup the motion sensors temporarily to test them out by just standing them on the trim. Also, I use Command strips for mounting so they can be moved and taken down to facilitate battery replacement.


My friends joke that I should have stock in 3m. LOVE those command strips. :smiley:

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I’d do ceiling sensors if we didn’t have pets. Rooms where pets don’t go, I do ceiling or corner mounts.

Hallways, and other rooms, I try to hide the sensors at chest height wherever possible. Just takes a lot of playing around with positioning to get it right.

In some rooms I have 2 or more sensors to get better coverage, or to detect which direction someone is walking.

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