Motion Sensor Axis Camera

I understand Hubitat doesn't support Axis Camera motion detection, but is there a hack to utilize the motion sensor in the camera?

I could just put a indoor sensor outside. It would be protected from rain...

I'm not familiar with the Axis cameras...but...

Does it support any method of pushing the motion event? Like HTTP?
Are you running the cam's with something like Blue Iris or Xeoma?

If either of the above are Yes then you could use a virtual device and Maker API to fire off a request to turn the device on/off from motion.

*** Confirmed Working ***

Figured it out. Just need to test now.

I set up a HTTP url to the maker API virtual motion sensor.

I based this off somebody else's post.

We’re you able to get this to work? Also we’re you able to stream live video to a dashboard and if so how.

Curious if you might have also worked this out "the other way around"; e.g. where an Hubitat rule based on a sensor trigger pushes a trigger to the Axis for capturing of one or more frames and email them (all per the Axis side config). I believe Axis calls these Virtual Inputs (triggers).

Seeing something along these lines here, but not sure if this avenue is there for all their camera's or just the high end series....and....then there's the fact that these are really old posts so who knows if this still works like this.


OK, I guess I'm answering my own question as time passes today....others may be interested:

This functionality looks to be rooted in what Axis calls VAPIX which may not function for events as noted above anymore.

""The not-so-awesome bit is that Axis has deprecated VAPIX for Event and Action services with the latest 5.40.x firmware. This really sucks. Events with VAPIX still work but I imagine they will take it out soon after. VAPIX is quite simple and I believe they are really taking the simple HTTP based API out of the hands of regular users. They have been replaced in favor of a new API that is a WSDL specification."" A Blog that Covers the Latest in IP Cameras, Home Automation and Video Monitoring. | Supporting Axis IP cameras through VAPIX

I did talk to Axis tech support.
They have a programming environment called VAPIX.
I used the commands to move to a preset position exc.. and it can also trigger an event on the camera.
the "triggers" are setup under events on the camera.
under events create an action rule, specify a trigger for the rule then an action.
the action can be emails, notifications, send images exc....
I have to log into the camera to get the VAPIX commands to work.
That is where I am at, i need to determine how to authorize the Hubitat to give commands to the AXIS camera.

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Ooo great. So glad you posted.

I've got a lot of regard for Axis stuff and the way they go about video based security ( all the way back to their video server days).

Toyed with the idea of going with one of these newer less expensive cameras. ( Axis is always setting the top end of pricing, that use to be more justified when they were the only capable offering. )

But the other day I was looking into this API camera triggering stuff, saw some indication that Axis allowed this, looked at the M2025-LE pricing, ...and decided to relook at Axis.

Now I'm a bit derailed by some statements about this no longer being a useable feature through VAPIX ( after 5.x of the Axis firmware?). Haven't taken this as far as Axis Support as it's been years since I had a path for doing so.

So I'm very interested in what you discover.

Welcome !

Sharing the following because is relates to Hubitat by programmable nature of these devices.
This function may be used for integration with Hubitat.
I use Axis Camera Station.
Camera station is well worth the money because it is so stable, requiring little if any maintenance.
You can also use different brand cameras if they support ONVIF, just may have limited functions.
Camera Station can setup "Action rules" that use "triggers"
One of the available triggers is External HTTPS requests to the server.
When you create an Action Rule with the external HTTPS trigger, Axis Camera station will generate a request that you simply copy and paste into Hubitat.
User instructions | Axis Communications
search the manual for "Create external HTTPS triggers"
Look at the list of "Actions" available in the Action Rule.
It looks complicated in the manual but in practice is very simple.


I Had Configured the AXIS cameras and Camera Station as an actual security system, sensors, controlled lighting, "alarm system".
The cameras have limited I/O.
It was little complicated to set up and configure, but once done the system is very stable and reliable with POE on battery backup.
Now I am working toward Zigbee type devices for mesh networking for sensors and controlling loads such as lights, access control exc...
I sort of had (smart) things working as long as there was WAN and Samsung was awake..
Now after I have met Hubitat my hopes are high that will all change and become much more simplified.

But VAPIX runs within the camera software and thus some cameras , that are capable, can address the HTML or API trigger w/o having to run Camera Station on a separate platform right?