Motion rules first thing in morning failing

Anyone experience motion rules failing first thing in the morning? I have a hue group that is controlled exclusively by a motion rule that fails to turn on for motion first thing in the morning. It works fine every time after that. I can’t figure out why. Really seems like a bug. Logs show them being turned on, but they don’t go on.

I have about 16 smart bulbs controlled as 3 groups by 3 motion sensors in the same area of the house. When I first set them up, only 2 of the 3 groups will do all actions when a motion is detected. The 3rd group would not take the color temp command usually. However, when I manually triggered them, they would do.

This problem got resolved when I turned off descriptive text logging on all bulb devices (ie 16 of them). Could it be too much logging could cause some actions to not go through the pipeline entirely eventhough top level logs indicate positively?

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