Motion rule not working

So today I updated to 118. And my most solid and functional device stopped working.
I've rebuilt the group. Rebuilt the rule. Made a RM out it. and HE lies about in the log file.

The rule is on Motion turn on the kitchen sink. It was a Motion and Mode Lighting Apps rule I created about a year ago.
The log says the light is on. it's not. I tell Alexa to turn it on. she does. I turn on the group from the dashboard, it goes on. But the motion rule says it turns it on but it doesn't.
These are a group of 2 bulbs - Dimmable only. they do not do Colortemp or anything. They go on. they go off. There is nothing wrong with the bulbs, and nothing wrong with anything I can see - it must be a newly induced bug in dimmer bulbs inside RM and the Motion & Lighting Apps.
Going back to 116.

so. solved my own problem. Going back to 116 - Previously I had no metering on this device (2 bulbs in a group).
Re-installing 118 brought the fault back. I enabled metering to 250. It worked Setting to 120 worked. setting to 100 didn't. I put it at 150. while at first glance you'd think - hey great, HE is faster now! I submit I won't be the only one who stumbles.

I updated my hub last night to the newest hotfix. When I came downstairs to leave for work this morning, my motion lighting rule worked just fine.

Computers are incapable of lying btw :roll_eyes:. Just ask Rick Deckard.

so true. I tell clients that all the time - then I finish with "it's the programmers behind the computer".

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just for clarification - my only motion and lighting rule (there are 8) that had this failure was this singular rule. All others functioned as expected.

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