Motion/Lux sensor faster if mains powered?

I'm think of getting my first motion/lux sensor. I want it for a front hall to my condo that is often dark enough that we turn on the light even in daytime.

I have no Zigbee devices at all and it would about 20 feet from my C-7 hub that is sitting about 7 feet off the ground on top of a wood hutch. There are a whole bunch of Z-Wave repeaters through out my house. They are all Z-wave plus. There would be a door/wall between the hub and the sensor, but the door is almost always left open.

I've heard that Zigbee devices are faster, but I'm concerned with this being the only one. On the Z-Wave side of things I'm considering the Aeotec 7 and maybe the 6, the Fibaro, Aqara or Zooz. Would being a series 7 help the Aeotec vs. it's older 6 version or the others? Also, would plugging in the 7 help vs the others that are just battery powered?

If plugging it in would help, is there a Zigbee one that you'd recommend instead?