Motion Lights - Different Weekend Schedule

I was struggling with creating rules that would apply different on / off times on the weekends. I came up with this, but wanted to see if anyone else had a different solution.

I created a virtual switch called "Sleepy Time"
I created a rule that turns the virtual switch on and off
M-F the switch turns on at 10PM and off at 8AM
Sa-Sun the switch turns on at 10PM and off at 10AM

In the Motion & Mode Lighting Apps I created a rule that turns the lights on when motion is detected. I added in the virtual switch under the "Switch to disable turning on" so when the virtual switch is enabled, the lights wont come on.

Anyone have a more elegant solution?

I use RM to pause and resume motion app rules. I have certain lights I only want on during weekends so they have their own motion app., but during the week RM pauses that rule and resumes it on the weekend. Works for me.

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Hmmm..this is a solution that wouldn't work for me. I want the lights coming on at a certain time during the week (when activated by motion) but at a different time on the weekend (again when activated by motion)


Have a weekday set of modes, and a weekend set of modes. That is one way to have global control of two different sets of times.

With that being said, Mode Manager isn't always conducive to solutions like this. I ended up doing mode changes through Rule Machine.

Not sure why the above wouldn't work? You have two distinct ML apps, one weekday and one weekend. Pause the one not in use...

Having re-read your post (and had a second cup of coffee to wake my brain up) I realize that your solution would indeed work. Thanks!

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