Motion lighting won't change light level

I have a Simple Lighting app that sets the lights on at sunset at 30% dim.
I then have a Motion Lighting app that should set the dimmer level to 100% when it see movement.
The logs show that it is not changing the dim level because it thinks it is already on


Is there anything I can do within the Motion Lighting app to force a dimming level change?

Do you have anything configured for "Buttons to disable on" or "Switch to disable turning on"? It sounds like you might, which would cause this issue (my guess is the latter, possibly with the same lights that you're already using in the automation, in which case you may be able to find a different way to achieve the same result if you are using this feature intentionally).

Do you have the option set "Do not turn on if already on?" Also, you do realize that motion lighting is going to turn the lights back off when motion is inactive, correct? To do something more complicated, you would have to either do some tricks with scenes and buttons or use something more complex like Rule Machine.

When I look at the application state, I see that "override" is stuck on. I even removed everything from the rule about disabling, and this still was on - and the rule didn't work.


This is the rule

I think maybe the only way out is to delete the app and re-do out, unless there is a way to manually set the override state for the app.

That state might not be used though. You don't know unless you look at the code and we can't do that. So, don't let yourself get confued by that.

So, You are saying that the light is not turning on? What is the LUX reading on your downstairs sensor? Is that an indoor or outdoor sensor?

It's an indoor sensor - it usually reads pretty dark.

Yeah....but not if the lights on. What is the reading when the lights are on low like you said they were? Or during the day?

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