Motion LIghting vs Simple LIghting

I have 2 contact sensors. 1 on my entry door and one on my mud room door. I've been using Simple LIghting app to turn on the garage lights if either switch was opened. Been working great since day 1. I added a motion sensor in the garage so when we are in there working the lights wont go off. I created a new motion lighting app now that it can include contact sensors. What I'm seeing is with this app, when I open the doors there is a delay before the lights come on.

Is anyone using the Motion Lighting app with contact sensors. Are you seeing a delay when the contact sensor activates the rule?

I'll ask this also. What are you doing with contact sensors and motion sensors controlling the same light?

I'm not doing this, but I believe that you can use the Zone Motion Controllers built-in app. I think you'd want to use a triggered controller, using your contact sensors as the trigger devices.

I use Zone Motion Controllers in rooms that have multiple motion sensors and are odd shapes and it works great.

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You might also take a look at the Rooms Manager app.

It's a bit tricky to get setup at first because (IMHO) it's overly complex for simple occupancy, but otherwise works well.

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