Motion Lighting using Blue Iris trigger

Using BI Control by bptworld, I'm trying to figure out how to use the "Local End Point" trigger (security camera motion) to turn on my lamp, and keep it on for x minutes, and turn off in y minutes, if no motion (Local End Point) triggers are detected.

Anyone know how I can get started with this in RM? I have the triggers coming from my Blue Iris, just need to figure out the rule magic.

You can also use a Virtual Motion Sensor controlled through the maker API. That way you can use the motion sensor the same way you would any other motion sensor. I am doing this with a camera connected to MotionEye. It works a little better than using the local endpoints IMHO.

Fantastic - got this working just right. Thanks to jrfarrar for his post in the BI Control thread. This is probably the coolest thing I've done with the HE yet.

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Are you able to use person detection in BI as a trigger? What about facial recognition?

I know they have 'Object Detection', but I never really used it. I haven't touched my BI setup in almost 3 years, so not sure what they have developed since then. Testament to BI - its rock solid and I never have to mess with it.