Motion Lighting - switch to disable off

Once the “switch to disable off” switch is turned off, I would expect the motion controlled light to turn off after the defined delay. Doesn’t seem to happen. How do folks handle this scenario?

You can also assign an action to that switch being turned off to turn off the light through Rule Machine. The timer starts when motion changes from Active to Inactive. So, if that switch is changed after that happens, I would expect the lights to not turn off.

That would work, except for this situation I wouldn’t say every time the “disable switch” is turned off, it’s appropriate to turn off the motion light. Maybe this one is a candidate for RM

If motion is still active, then the timeout will start once it's inactive. But if motion is already inactive, then there's no timeout to respond to until it goes active again.

Makes sense, thx

I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will correct me but I struggled with Motion Lighting for a while and ended up moving everything over to RM. It just gives you more options. Good luck!

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I just rewrote the whole thing into one RM rule, it does just what I want now. Feels like the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve tried Motion Lighting and then ultimately moved it over to RM.

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