Motion Lighting sometimes ignoring Not turn off rule


I have motion Lighting set up on my TV Room, and it is set up so that on and off are disabled when a variable saying the TV is on is true.
This normally works, but sometimes, maybe twice a day, the app ignores this setting and proceeds with turning off the lights even with the variable as true.
I have the impression this happens after a reboot, and is solved when clicking the motion Lighting app and clicking done, but I'm not 100% sure.
I attached the logs of the last time it happened.

Thank you very much

After posting this, I observed during the day and actually it's ignoring the "do not turn off" option most times, even if the logs say otherwise
If, however, I use the associated switch instead of the variable, it works properly and indeed disables turning off.

Edit: tagging @bobbyD and @bravenel, possible bug here?

Looking at your pic the motion is active at 22:26 and doesn't go inactive until 06;58 the following morning - that must've been some party! I could well be wrong but if TVMotionDisable went True while motion was already active, I'd expect the light to turn off as the delay off is already counting down.

Maybe screenshot the actual rule(s) as well so people can see if it looks correct.

Sorry, I think you've read the log wrong. The line under the date and time is what corresponds to that time stamp.
That motion active you are confused about was actually the first thing to happen in the morning.
Honestly, the rule couldn't be simpler.
Motion Lighting app with the do not turn off if Boolean variable is true.

Could you please post the full picture of your set up with screenshots of the rule, as well as app settings?


I fought this same thing too awhile back. It would ignore the "do not" switch. If I went into the rule and hit done, it would fix it for awhile. I recreated the rule, same scenario. I had 2 or 3 rules do this. The other ML rules worked fine. I finally gave up and moved the problem rules to rule machine.

This doesn't solve your problem but I wanted you to know that you're not the first person to see this problem.

Hi bobby,
This morning I've set it up again to use the variable instead of the connector and it worked normally. It's the exact same settings that were failing yesterday.
So I attached screenshots of the settings and of the corresponding logs, but I'm puzzled as to why it did work this time. Please refer to my first post as an example of when it didn't work.
Thank you!

Having this issue as well

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Hi again @bobbyD, today the opposite happened.
The Boolean was false, but the lights wouldn't turn off with motion inactive.
The logs kept saying "not turning off because variable is true".

For now I reverted back to using the connector switch associated with that variable, and that seems to work.

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