Motion lighting shut off

Is it possible to have motion lighting shut off lights even if it does not turn on any lights.

Currently most rooms I have controlled by motion lighting. I use mode specific settings so that lights only automatically turn on during daytime modes. When the home is in night or away mode I do not want any lights turning on automatically so no dimmer on level is set for either of these modes. However, I would still like the lights to shut off per existing motion lighting logic if a switch is manually turned on.

The problem is it appears that the motion lighting app does not shut off any lights if the rule did not turn on any lights.

TLDR: Motion lighting currently works great at doing what the GE motion switches call occupancy mode, but not at what they call vacancy mode.

Have you read this doc? It will give you all of the options for motion lighting.

Buttons to turn on lights

Select any buttons you'd like to use to manually turn on your specified lights. Enter the button number into the field (enter "1" if the controller only has one button). If you only define a button to turn on the light, turning the light off will be handled solely by motion sensor activity.

That is correct. You can write a rule machine rule to accomplish this for the modes where you're not turning lights on with motion. But I don't think motion lighting was designed to handle the situation you describe. That's why there's Rule Machine.

simple lighting rule? turn off after no motion and/or time?

If only it was so simple. The thing is the motion lighting app supports a number of modifiers, like: don’t turn off of contact is closed.

I obviously can recreate all the logic of the motion lighting in a Rules Machine app. But that is a real PITA. I had hoped maybe I was missing something obvious but it seem ML lacks the feature I need to make this work. So at this point I guess it is a feature request.

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