Motion Lighting - separate fade time for on/off vs mode change?

I'm using Motion Lighting for all of the bathrooms and closets in my house, all installed with Lutron Caseta dimmers. In all cases, I'm using the "Set dimmer level by mode" functionality, along with the option to adjust levels when mode changes.



I'd like the mode change transistions to have a longer transition time, like 5 seconds or so. However, when I set a fade time of 5 seconds in the ML app, it appears to set it universally, so that turning on the lights when you walk into the room takes 5 seconds, which leaves me in the dark for longer when entering a room.

What I'd like to do is have the standard transition time of 1 second when the lights are commanded on, to light up the room quickly, but then have a separate mode transition time of 5 seconds when the mode changes. When the lights shut off, I really don't care if they go off over 1 second or 5.

Is there an existing way to do this that I'm missing? Mayby some workaround using RM to set transition time once the lights are already on? I looked through the actions list but didn't see anything that stuck out. Possible to add to ML?

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