Motion Lighting Scene per Mode Fails

I adjusted a setting (new switch to turn on) in one ML Child app and it is now not working and it throws the below error

app:26832022-04-05 07:32:53.700 errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.util.ArrayList.toInteger() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: toUnique(), toUnique() on line 1112 (method motionActive)

I deleted the Child app and recreated it but that did not help

It's again related to scene activation. If I remove scenes per mode from lights to turn on, and add switches to turn on by mode instead then it works and the error goes away. If I re-add the scenes per mode, the error comes back and the app stops working. There seem to be no problem with the scenes, they have identical settings and come on and off perfectly through the scene app page or dashboard. No errors in the log while activating.

So I have

  • three ML child apps with scenes per mode that is working perfectly
  • one ML child app with scenes per mode that is broken (and delete child app+reboot+recreate does not help)
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What mode is active when this happens?

I am able to reproduce this error, and will track it down.


The error is thrown for any match of the active mode and one of the scenes per mode that is defined in lights to turn on. So in my case the error is generated for when active mode is one of


But not for

System Off

Fix will be in an upcoming hot fix release.


It is working now without issues in Great stuff!
Please close my ticket @bobbyD