Motion Lighting Rule + Hue Lights

Hi Guys,

I need your help regarding the motion and mode lighting app rule with hue lights.

When I create a light motion rule to turn on a hue light, the color of the light specified in the rule gets overridden by the Hue power lose recovery feature which is set in the Hue ap at the bulb level.

Is there a way to get the lighting motion rule to override hue last state change?


Are you using it with a smart switch that cuts power to the bulb?

Yes. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I am using a smart 3 gangee Zigbee switch.

There is no way to get good reliable results using a smart switch to cut and restore power to a smart bulb. If you can’t replace the switch with one that supports “smart bulb mode”, then you should only use rules that control the bulb directly.

I guess the only option is to leave the switch on all the time then control via rules.

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