Motion lighting RFE: user confirmation before enabling "per-mode settings" on existing rule

As a long-time Unix/Linux admin, I'm normally loathe to suggest an interface that requires user confirmation for most actions.

However... Within "Motion/Mode Lighting", there's an interface design (or consequence of the underlying platform, if not "designed") that easily leads to a very poor user experience. Specifically, the slider to enable "Use Per Mode Settings" is a permanent change, and takes effect immediately, without the user pressing "Done" to finalize the rule. This is documented (but no one reads documentation until after there's a problem :slight_smile: ).

As an enhancement, I suggest requiring user confirmation before actually enabling the change to per-mode settings, only in the case of an existing rule (ie., a rule where the user had already clicked "Done" at least once, not a rule that is being newly created). This would be consistent with other interface behavior, such as showing menu choices in red if they are required but have not been configured.

If this is not possible, then please update the text in the Motion/Mode Lighting app to make it clear to users that the slider to Use Per Mode Settings cannot be reset and that existing settings for the saved rule will be lost.

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