Motion Lighting question

I am using the Motion and Mode Lighting app. I noticed that if the light is turned on through any method other than by triggering the motion sensor—for example through a contact sensor, voice prompt, or physical button—unless the motion sensor detected activity the motion rule doesn’t turn the light off.

To be more specific, I have a contact sensor that triggers a rule which turns on my garage lights. It fires a lot quicker than relying on the motion sensor alone, which is the main reason why I use it. Sometimes, the door opens and then closes shortly after, without anyone actually going into the garage. So the motion sensor inside the garage never detected motion. I notice that the lights will turn on, and stay on.

I expected the motion sensor would turn off lights after a certain amount of time passed with no activity. Is there a way to enable this function in the Motion and Mode Lighting app somewhere?

The issue is that if the motion sensor doesn't see it, it doesn't create motion active motion, and thus doesn't create a motion inactive to turn the light off. Solution could be to create a virtual motion sensor and have it's states controlled via the contact sensor, and include the virtual motion sensor in the ML app.

I think you could also use this option in the Motion lighting app... Contact sensors to turn on lights. Not 100 percent sure that would do it though, as I haven't used contact sensors in motion lighting before.

Thanks for that idea. I will test that in a rule I have been trying to get to behave as needed.

Since 2.3.1 was released there has been an option to use motion sensors and contact sensors as the trigger for the rule. This option triggers the timer to shut off the lights.

Or you can use the app in Hubitat’s github here
To use your contact sensor as a motion sensor with selectable timeouts, which is what I prefer.

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Yes I use this as well. However if the lights are turned on using any other method then they will stay on.

Yes, there has to be some motion or contact-motion to trigger the rules.

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