Motion Lighting Question

I just switched from Smartthings to Hubitat and have a question. I have 4 zooz switches in my living room. I had it previously setup that once any switch was turned on, all lights turned on and vice versa. I've set this up with the motion light app and only 1 of the the 4 switches will actually turn everything on and off. I have all 4 selected as switches that will turn all on or off. Seems like a bug. I've also tried rule machine with no luck. Suggestions?

Turn on logging in Motion Lighting, it should tell you what is going on.

If you used both Motion Lighting and Rule Machine, it seems unlikely it is a bug in both...

Do these work from a dashboard for from the device page?

The other way I think you could do this is to set a scene (scene app) and use that Scene (virtual) device as the switch you want to turn on.

When I turn on logging, the event doesn't fire unless I press only 1 of the 4 switches. Under activate event, I have all 4 switches selected to trigger the action.

We need to see the logs from the app, and the app setup page.

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I got it working. Issue was a zooz switch that wasn't responding from time to time. Excluded and re added. All good now.

im not sure how your rule is working at all. its a motion lighting app and you have no motion detectors selected.

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