Motion Lighting Question

I have a simple Motion Lighting Rule whereby when you walk into the master bedroom a single motion sensor turns on a group of lights. I have it set to only work between the times of 8AM-9PM. That works as I think it should. I also have Don't turn off if already on set so if I turn it on with Alexa outside of the time window they will stay on. This part doesn't seem to work right. If I tell Alexa to turn on at say 7AM the lights will shut off after the 2 min delay I have set in the motion rule. Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in dvance

Could you show the main page of the rule.

Sure, when I get off work at 10PMand get home. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I don't see that in your screenshot. You have "Don't turn on if turned off manually" selected.

You are correct. I had that backwards. So would that solve the issue.

I think it should work. I am curious to know what happens when you turn on the lights via Alexa, outside of your time restriction, with regards to the dimmer levels?