Motion Lighting problems

I have been running a motion lighting rule for 2 to 3 years with no problems, but over the last month the rule is not working properly, I have 3 light bulbs in a 2 storey hallway that are in a group and I also have 3 sensors that are in a zone motion controller app. Every so often 2 of the bulbs do not come on, the bulbs that do not come on are a hue bulb and a innr bulb, the 3rd bulb that always works in an innr bulb. I have re written the rule, re paired all the bulbs and sensors but nothing seems to cure the problem. Any ideas on this problem before I decide to move over to a rule machine rule to do this.

This rule worked perfectly for a long time but is now playing up, any help or suggestions will be gratefully recieved, perhaps a new pair of eyes might spot a problem wit my rule. T.I..A

Given you appear to be turning on a single group, I suspect the problem won't be your rule, but either the setup of the Hallway lights group or more likely communication with the bulbs. I'd expect the latter.

When the rule runs, I would check the events on each devices details page to see if the event registered.

I would sporadically have the same issue with zigbee bulbs using the motion lighting app. I moved the control over to Room Lighting and enabled the option to activate even if partially activated and turn off even if already off. Also command devices on/off irrespective of reported state (not highlighted in my picture below). That did the trick for me. It seems sometimes (and randomly), several of my bulbs were still reporting as on when they were off or vice versa. In my case, the motion lighting app had been working for a while before it started exhibiting issues as well.

The nice thing with Room Lighting is you can create your group AND set up the motion control with whatever restrictions in one location.

This one turns on ALL my outstide lights whenever motion is detected on the perimeter or I open one of the doors to go out unless I have the Hot Tub switch on. We don't need flood lights in our face when in the hot tub.


Turn on logging to see what is going on. I repeat the suggestion to move over to Room Lighting. It can import your old Motion app. It has more settings to possibly address your issues.


Thank you I will give the room lighting app a go,

Transferring to RL will likely be a good thing for a number of reasons, not just (hopefully) to resolve this issue. Is concerning, though, for this behaviour to suddenly start to occur, as other situations may still benefit from the bulbs reporting correctly. I'd start with the logging to see what's going on, before switching to RL, even just out of curiosity.

Are you on the latest 2.3.7 platform version?

Had a good look at the logs which have given some surprising results. the 2 lightbulbs that were not always turning on have logged less turned on events than the light that always works. The sensors show the same number of motion event active true logs as the working light bulb.
So I am assuming that either the signal is not being sent or received by the 2 bulbs that do not work all the time, and this could mean a poor zigbee signal (mesh) or a fault in the rule. Not convinced as to a poor mesh as the fully working bulb is the furthes bulb from the hub ar any repeater. However I have used the Room Lighting app for 18 hours with no missed bulbs turning on. Hoping this is a solution. Thanks all for the help and advice

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Based on what you have just described, and thinking about it some more, in particular with @tray_e and @bill.d spotting the use of the older motion light app, my gut feel is there was either a bug in the old app and/or a configuration setting that needed to be turned on that is either always on for RL... or something else. I would expect that an event may still be logged event if the message is not received by the physical bulb, but I'm not sure....

Either way, probably a good outcome to both have the automation now working and be in the more up-to-date app (RL).