Motion Lighting Problems Lately

Has anyone been having motion lighting problems lately? I have a very simple rule if motion turn on light. It was a rock solid app until a few updates ago. lately the app doesnt activate at all. i did read multisensor 6 has an issue where it would not detect on first motion but does on subsequent motions. thanks

If it's an issue with your motion sensor, that would be easy to track down. Start with the device itself. You have a few options: view the live logs as you walk by the sensor to see what it reports and when (assuming you have at least info logging turned on for the device), or view the past logs (if it hasn't been too long) or device event history if you think you'll remember enough information to make them useful. Live is probably best. If it only reports motion the second time around (I haven't heard of this issue myself but I haven't read much about this device lately) and the automation works then, then that is the problem.

Otherwise, maybe it's an issue with your app/rule. It's not clear if you're using Rule Machine or a stock app like Motion Lighting or Hubitat Simple Lighting. If you feel comfortable posting your configuration, perhaps someone could look it over to see if they notice any problems (this is especially likely to be the case with Rule Machine if you're new to the platform, and even for many people who aren't--there's a lot to figure out there, and the other apps take this work off of you).

If everything looks right, I might suggest just going into your app/automation and hitting "Done." This shouldn't be necessary but sometimes helps if something went wonky the first time and the app forgot to subscribe to some device event it was supposed to (you can check some of this on the gear/information tab for the app, but if you didn't write the app--which none of us did in the case of stock apps--it is not always much help).

Here's more info.

I have a RM rule to turn off a light when mode changes to night at 10pm. Then I have motion lighting app rule to turn on that light when motion active and mode is night.

The first time motion is detected after going into night mode the motion app tries to turn on the light but it logs "light already on don't turn on"

All subsequent motion activity works as expected.

Why does motion app think the light is on when hubitat was the one that turned it off.

A fix for this issue is in the upcoming 2.1.5 release.