Motion Lighting. Possible bug with use of switch to disable rule

I've been having a little play with ML v RM4 and seeing which is faster.
I've been disabling and renabling and the following came up.
With ML rules I was using a switch to disable the rule when switch is ON. In my last test after renabling my ML rules the light was coming on even though the switch was off. It could have got screwed with all my playing but I had to open the rule and click done to get the rule to work correctly. Like I say it could be me playing with the disable button that caused this but thought I would mention it in case there is an obvious bug that you can see.
It happened on all 7 of the rules and here is an example of one of them.

Your rule is set to disable when the switch is off. Change that and you should be good to go.


The option you've chose in the screenshot doesn't disable the ML child app completely. What it does is prevent the app from turning the lights on when that switch is off (or on if you don't choose the "when off" option). I have never used the app in this manner and can't find the expected behavior documented, but it is likely that the options you've configured for turning lights off in the automation will still be honored. If you want to disable the app completely, as you might for purposes of testing something else, the red checkbox in the app list view is a better choice.

I know you said you still saw the lights turning on, which would indeed be a problem, but do you verify with logging that the source of that action was this app?

I've made a mistake in my description.
It should read disable when switch is OFF which is how I have it set.
My fault and sorry for the confusion but thanks for the responses.
So just to clarify, the light is coming on when the disable switch is OFF which it should not do.
It did work OK but stopped after my playing with disabling the rule.

Can you enable logging for the rule, hit done and then also toggle the virt-lux switch and make sure that it is off. Then try tripping he motion sensor and capturing the logs.

All the ML rules are now working OK after opening and clicking done.
I'll have a play with disabling them again and see if the issue returns.
If it does I'll turn logging on and capture the logs.

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