Motion Lighting Override Question

Hello, I am new to Hubitat coming from Wink. I'm trying to work out the following automation scenario. I'm not sure if this is capable in the Motion Lighting App or if I need to use Rule Manager. I've tried both unsuccessfully so far. Admittedly, I'm new to this and need some help.

I have 4 RGBW Zigbee bulbs in my studio and a motion sensor. I'd like to have the motion sensor turn on a particular scene when motion is detected, but only if the bulbs are off. If I manually, or through Alexa, set a different scene, I don't want the motion sensor to change from the scene which is already set.
Then, regardless of which scene has been set, I'd like to have the lights gradually dim to off over 15 seconds when motion stops.

Here is what I've tried so far.

Do I need this seperate rule or can this be done within the rule turning the lights on?

Many folks here are considerably smarter than me, but I'll take a stab at this.

I think I'd do it as two separate rules ...

In the conditions I'm using the switch property of the bulbs, just because it's more absolute ... (rather than the dimmer level)

... then (fade time uses mintues as the base unit, idk if 0.25 would produce 15sec, I assume it wants integers) ...

Possibly I misunderstand what you're trying to accomplish.
Possibly folks will freak out that there is no END-IF ([shrug] you have to expect such sloppiness from a powershell guy :smiley:)

It sounds like your use case would be a good fit with @bertabcd1234 's Lights on Motion Plus app

The "Lights on Motion Plus app" seems to be just what I'm looking for, but things are still not operating the way I'm expecting. ...It's probably user error on my part.

Here is my rule and my logs. When I ran the rule, I had my RGBW's set to purple, so an "on" state, but the lights still changed to the set Scene.

Have you tried this with the individual lights or light group? I haven’t found scenes to be very reliable for telling if on or off.

No, I'll Try it putting the lights in separately. Thanks

If they are zigbee lights, you can make a group and enable group messaging. Then they will turn on/off without popcorning. Any change to the group will also all happen at once.

I tried your method and...SUCCESS!

Thank you!

Only problem is that I didn't take into account the reason I want the lights to dim to off instead of just turning off. What I'd like is to have the lights dim as a warning if I'm in the room but motionless. If the motion sensor doesn't pick me up and becomes "inactive" I'd like to be able to wave my arms and have the lights return to the settings they were at originally. All of a sudden, that rule becomes a lot more complicated.

Your help is greatly appreciated! I've definitely leaned a few things about RM!

Cool - glad it was of value!

What you describe actually sounds like something I might interested in also but I've been scratching my head over it and can't figure out a way. It tried poking around in the Motion Lighting app too.

Although there are options to cancel lights-off commands during a delay period, I can't see anything about making the lights-off command happen at a dimming rate, that is also cancelable. Perhaps a feature request is due? :slight_smile:

I suspect there might be a philosophical angle at play here though ... ie, I can imagine someone taking a position that needing a warning so as to wave arms around means the automation programming is incomplete/needs improvement. (add more motion sensors or something) [shrug]

I hear ya on the philosophical angle. Problem is, not all of these motion sensors work equally as well. I had the sensor right in front of me while I was working on my computer and the lights went off. Maybe a better sensor would pick up on my PIR better. Hopefully, we'll see improvements in these devices coming, but until then, It'd be great to have a solution.

Thanks again!

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