Motion Lighting - Motion trigger and delay time-out question

I am a huge fan of RL, once I figured out how to properly use it. However, I am digging the ease of making some motion lighting rules using this app.

I am just confused as to when it turns off the light with ONLY the motion sensor and delay being the trigger. I am assuming as soon as it goes into inactive, it looks at the delay period and then turns off once the delay timer is reached. Will it override the original delay and leave the lights on and wait for the next inactive event?

Example: Motion sensor in the backyard becomes active. My delay is set to 3 minutes. We're walking around and sit down, motion sensor becomes inactive when we sit down for a minute or the area is somewhat still. Then the motion reactives as active because someone shifts around and it becomes active again before the 3 minute delay is reached. Will it still turn off, or will the active state restart timer?

You have two 'timers' in play in your question.. 1) the timer inside the motion detector before which it detects motion again. 2) the timer in your rules that re-trigger on each motion event.

If the motion sensor has a 1 minute timer, then it will detect motion and not send a no-motion for a minute, minimum. If anytime within that minute, it re-detects motion, it does nothing outwardly, it just re-triggers it's 1 min timer. If it sees motion, and sees motion and sees motion, it will keep deferring that no-motion message to the hub.

The rule you have running on the hub acts similarly... when it sees motion events, it re-triggers the 3 minute delay. So a bit of motion, 1 min later no-motion, 110 seconds later motion, 1 min later no-motion. That's a total just shy of 4 mins and with 10 seconds to spare, the 3min timer got re-triggered.

If you continually trigger motion, the sensor never sends a no motion and your 3 min timer will expire, despite there being continuous motion. It's because the 3 min timer re-triggers on Motion and in this example, there was only ever one of those sent.

My Aeon MultiSensor 6's have a 1 min timer. My Iris v2 and v3 Motion Sensors have a 15 second timer. Which means I get different 'edge case results' for those situations.

Understood, so the retrigger of the motion sensor will override and reset the delay timer each time it sends an active event. That's what I was figuring, but wanted to confirm. In RL I use motion that stays inactive for 3 minutes to turn off the lights. Theoretically the same. Thanks for the reply and confirmation.