Motion Lighting Issue

I can't seems to change the "Minutes to delay before off" in Motion Lighting app. If I change the number and click Done, it goes back to the previous value. Tried it on Chrome and Safari on MacOS and Chrome on Android.

try clicking somewhere else on the page before clicking done. That's what i had to do.

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Tried that too. it seems the page would refresh on its own and the previous value comes back.

What happens if you click outside the input box? Page should refresh and then you can click done.
Edit: never mind!

What are you typing in?

I am trying to change it to 15.

Have you tried the up and down arrows?

Ok Interesting. I was trying to edit one of the motion lighting that was from the previous FW. I deleted that and recreate a new one and Now I can edit the new one.

up and down arrow also refresh and puts the old value back.

But you can edit the new one? I just edited one I created earlier, before the latest version and I can set it to 15 (or higher). As long as it's working now.

yeah weird.. Its only that one rule. Every other one allows me to edit.

Obviously that rule was bad and must be immediately punished for it. :wink:

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