Motion lighting incorrect "not turning on: turned off manually" behavior

I'm having an issue with really basic motion lighting control. I have several rules which are not triggering on motion, with the log entry "not turning on: turned off manually." However, I do not have that option set in any of the rules. I've tried toggling the option on and off, but Hubitat still acts like it's on.

Here is the log:

And the rule:

Any idea what is happening here?


Could you post the Settings portion of the App Status page (gear icon).

Would you open the app, and hit Done. Then post the Event Subscription portion of the App Status page.

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Sorry to keep asking for things, but trying to get to the bottom of the issue you reported above. Please show the Application State portion of the App Status page.

I'm not seeing anything to explain what happened. Would you remove this instance of Motion Lighting, create it again, and see if it behaves itself.

Thanks for looking into it. I recreated it (and another similar rule that was doing the same thing), and so far so good.