Motion Lighting - How to enable after disable

I'm trying to set up a motion light such that if a door is left open, the lights do not turn off. This works, but once the doors are closed, the lights should do the delayed off again, but it does not. How can I set up this config such that it disables the motion light when a contact is open, and then do the delayed off when all contacts are closed?


Looking at the logs, it shows:

app:7712019-12-03 08:06:33.684 am infoOff Enabled by Door Main Garage became closed

app:7712019-12-03 08:06:27.904 am infoNot turning off: disabled by Door Main Garage open

app:7712019-12-03 08:06:27.881 am infoMotion inactive Motion Main Garage

app:7712019-12-03 08:05:27.085 am infoNot turning on, already on

"Off Enabled" once the door closes I assume means it should turn off the lights again, but it never does.

It wouldn't if the motion had become inactive while the door was open, it can't sent a off if it's already off. So once it closes then becomes inactive then the time out would start (if you have one) but not it it was disabled when it became inactive.