Motion lighting feature request: multiple switches to disable turning off

The Motion Lighting app allows the user to specify multiple devices to turn on when motion is detected, and multiple switches can be specified in the app to manually turn on lights.

The application should also allow the user to select multiple switches under " Options for Additional Sensors, Lights-Off and Off options" => "Switch to disable turning off".

Use case:

The Motion Lighting app is configured to turn on 2 (or more) lights. The user should be able to specify that multiple of those switches, if turned on manually, will prevent Motion Lighting from turning off lights.

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you could also easily do this with a virtual switch and a rule. If either or both switches are turned on turn on the virtual switch.

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I know there are ways around this deficiency in the app.

How about the option "Don't turn on if turned off manually"? That applies to that multiplicity of switches controlled by the app.

Yes, but ...

That option doesn't allow the user to select a subset of switches, or use switches that are not in the motion lighting rule.

Putting it another way, the Motion Lighting app is presently asymmetrical -- within the app, one section allows specification of multiple switches to turn things on, but the contrasting option to disable turning off only allows selection of a single switch.

There is a good bit of complexity here that argues against changing the specific feature to disable with a single switch. For example, there's an issue with the option of whether the switch is to be on or off to disable. Also, the disable switch does not require that it be physical, limited to "manual" activation. These issues lead to a backwards compatibility problem if the feature that exists now is to be changed. So basically you're asking for a new feature, as we can't blow out existing in use instances of the app. Meanwhile, as pointed out above, there are actually numerous ways to get around this. For now at least, this doesn't make sense to do.

I would use a simple RM rule and a Hub Variable. Hub Variables can be used to disable ML, and a simple rule can be triggered by any number of switches, either requiring "physical" or not, in whatever states might be appropriate, to set/reset a disable variable.

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