Motion Lighting Enable/Disable

What is the best practice/most intuitive for using a button or switch to enable and disable motion lighting?

I have a typical motion lighting rule that turns lights on/off based on motion active/inactive. I have a 2 button Pico for times when manual control (disabling the automation) is needed.

  1. If I think of the Pico or a switch as enabling automation, then button 1 (or “on” in the case of a switch) should enable the automation and button 2 (or “off” in the case of a switch) should disable the automation.

  2. However, if I think of the Pico or switch as enabling manual control, then button 1 ( or “on” in the case of a switch) should put the room under manual control (disabling automation) and button 2 (or “off” in the case of a switch) should turn off manual control (enable automation).

Am I missing anything?

Which is the most intuitive?
What are most people doing?
Number 1 or 2?

I do number two. I have most rooms setup under the motion lighting app with hue dimmers for manual control. When I press the on button on the dimmer, that also turns on an Alexa Dimmer switch created by typing in some text in that option within the motion lighting setup for the room. When I press the off button this turns off the Alexa Dimmer switch and the motion lighting rule takes over. I think I do also refer to the switch in one or two other places in the motion lighting setup for this to work, but would need to look it up to be sure.

I don't think it really makes a difference as long as you are consistent with what you do.

You also could do both by utilizing the enhanced pico function. Press does 1, for example and hold does 2. Or hold does a temporary override for 30 minutes. Lots of ways to get what you want.

That has to be the most forgotten, and poorly named option in Hubitat. I always forget it is there. I have used this a couple times and it does work well for stuff other than just Alexa.

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Yeah I know, I don't even own any echo's

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I have family members who are not that interested in home automation, so I’m trying to figure out what is the most intuitive way for them to easily enable or disable automation for a particular room using a two button Pico or a switch.

  1. Should button 1 or “on” enable automation and button 2 or “off” disable automation?

  2. Or should button 1 or “on” enable manual control (disable automation) and button 2 or “off” disable manual control (enable automation)?

Which one would be most intuitive to a family member or guest who is not that into home automation? Number 1 or 2?

For my wife, choice #2 would be the most intuitive. She's thinking about the lights, not the automation--light coming on when she hits the "on" button and off when she hits the "off" button. So button 1 would turn on the light and disable automation and button 2 would turn off the light and enable automation.

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That makes a lot of sense to me.
However, what if she wants the lights to remain off despite motion? Button 2 would turn off the lights and enable automation. The automation would then turn the lights back on (if there was motion).

I guess there could be a push and hold for a third option, but I’m trying to keep it very simple for those who don’t appreciate home automation.

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