Motion Lighting conundrum

The inclusion of contact sensors in Motion Lighting is great, but I still have to write an extra rule to turn off the lights for this:

If I open a door and shut it (to set something on the steps) without triggering any motion sensors, the light will stay on indefinitely. Using the "use contact sensor to turn off the light" option is not currently usable in this situation because these doors must be shut behind us while walking through before we can trigger any sensors. (Which would turn the lights off on us briefly)

An easy way around this would be to add a delay option to the off command for contact sensors. That way the user has a chance to shut the door behind them while the lights stay on before continuing on through to trigger the motion sensors.

Unless there's another option here that I'm missing...

The adding of contact sensors to ML did not create a new app, that perhaps would be called Motion and Contact Lighting. Contact sensors in ML are purely ancillary, and don't carry at all the same functionality as motion sensors.

My own opinion, not that it really is important, is that ML is somewhat top-heavy already with so many options.

I suppose one could conjure up MCL with a small helper app that transforms a contact sensor into a virtual motion sensor. In this scenario, opening one of these contact-motion sensors would turn on the lights, and closing it would start the turn off logic. This is an almost trivial app.

Here is the app that turns one or more contact sensors into a virtual motion sensor:

This could be done with a rule also, but you'd have to create the virtual motion sensor first, and use Custom Action to control it. Using RM is a bit of overkill considering how simple the above is.


Haha! Never in my life would I have thought of doing this, but it works perfectly. Thanks!

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