Motion Lighting confusion, leaves lights on unexpectedly

Hubitat Hi, I ran into (another) issue with Motion Lighting. The lights appear to be left on incorrectly at times, I'm not sure if its a bug or not. Here's the app:

The lights were turned on due to motion correctly. Motion then stopped while the prevent-turnoff switch is enabled. The app times down the delay (5 minutes), sees the prevent-turnoff switch enabled so leaves the light on. So far, so good.

A little later at 07:45 the prevent-turnoff switch turns off, which is detected by the app but it leaves the lights on (notice the motion active at 08:02 where the light is still on):

The light events show being turned on at 05:07 then nothing until 08:09 when turned off due to a later motion event without the switch:

This seems wrong - there has been no motion for a while, there is nothing to keep the light on, yet it stays on. Any ideas on a solution ? Thanks

@Hubitat_Staff This probably should be merged with this person's other thread on the same topic.

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