Motion lighting bug not turning off

I thought motion lighting was setup with 2 sections so that it turned lights off. Problem i have is if the is no motion I want lights to turn off but this isn't happening if manually turned on, could it be the lux stopping it from running?

Tv switch is off


but they were on

I have the exact same issue, managed to find a solution?

If the Hue lamp (connected through a hue bridge) is manually turned on by flipping the switch or toggling the lamp in the hue app, the motion rule won't turn it off after having detected motion and gives the same message in thge log: not turning off: lights not on

Never got a response

@mark.cockcroft the screenshot you posted shows the rule never actually turned the light on. So it would appear it thinks the light is off. I know you said they were on but did the light state show it was on in the system? It also occurred in about 30 seconds. Are they hue lights?

@tarik.muslat this could be due to the Hue polling. The lowest recommended setting on the hue bridge polling is 1 minute. There is a 10 second option but that was stated to be for testing and should not be used. So if it occurred within that minute or whatever the polling is set to HE would not know that the light was turned on.

I had manually turned it onI just hadn't included that bit in the screenshot

Your device must not be reporting the on event, otherwise the app would know that it was on.

Must for me have been transient issue, original post was in June last year and can't think of it happening recently

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