Motion Lighting App

I'm unable to access the ability to use buttons to control lights via the Motion Lighting App. I have several rules that were created several versions ago that still function, but the option referenced in the documentation that used to exist (in my case being able to push a different button for each mode) is inaccessible to make changes or for use in new rules. Did this get removed somewhere on the line?

It's important for me as I call various huebsmart scenes by assigning them to various buttons, which then are 'pushed' depending on mode via the Motion Lighting App. Thanks for any help.

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Any ideas? Definitely seems to be lost functionality between versions...

Thanks for reporting this. A bug was introduced inadvertently that prevents this from showing up. It's been fixed and will be in the next release.

Thank you for the response - looking forward to the next release.

Just updated to the latest version ( )and unfortunately still don't see the option? Am I missing something?

No, I think it must not have been fixed correctly. Will take another stab at it.