Motion lighting app - slow response

I have a motion lighting app to trigger my kitchen lights (both Zigbee and Zwave) via a motion sensor. When I first installed this, things were very responsive. Now, It'll take anywhere from 1-4 seconds. It doesn't sound like much, but instead of lights going on and soon as I enter, I can be half way across the room in the dark. What's interesting is the zigbee is always first, and the zwave are more delayed. But if I got to the device page I can turn either on with zero delay. It's something with the rule processing. I have updated, rebooted and nothing has helped. Thoughts?

I always expect Z-Wave motion sensors to be slower than Zigbee. Which one do you think you are triggering first when you enter? In the few places I have both, I have tried to position the Zigbee sensor to be the one triggered by entrance and I use the (few) Z-Wave ones as supplemental to keep the lights on.

The same sensor triggers both lights. Is there a way to order the lights in the execution order of the rule?

I'm sorry, I thought you had two sensors. You have two lights. I am not surprised based on my experience with the sensors, that the zigbee light comes on sooner. I don't know any way around this. Even with dimmers and switches, I try to keep the same brand and model of bulbs together to avoid that kind of "popcorn" effect. I don't have any advice for you.

reboot the hub, wait 5 min and then it faster?

I’ve reboot multiple times. It seems to help a little bit for a while but keeps going back to being slow.

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Have you tried a data base restore?

Have you tried going into the rule and ensuring that you dont have any malformed conditions or actions. Sometimes I select AND/OR/XOR and unless that process is properly cancelled, it will still be waiting for input next time that condition is edited. Building a new rule from scratch will fix it (pause the first rule).

I actually have multiple rules for other devices in the house where that are also starting to see the same slowness, so I don’t think it’s a bad rule. What is the process to restore the database? Backup and restore?

Soft Reset - Hubitat Documentation

check your logs for errors. Happens to me on a regular basis. One device or driver goes berserk, or I have a dead device battery that's reporting 100%.

Also look at zigbee logs for ghost devices, without a name, just the 16 bit address (example-"4DC3")

I just checked my logs, zero errors.

If I go to setting - zigbee - zigbee logging it Is completely empty, is that normal?

Initially, yes. It is a real time log so you have to leave the log open and as devices are used or report it will populate.

I have a device in my zigbee logs with a name of "0000", which doesn't match any of my configured devices.

It is apparent to me that there have been some changes implemented in 2.1.7 and beyond that have had a negative affect on performance for some of our hubs. Mine can be dramatic, depending upon how busy the hub is. I've done a tremendous amount of debugging trying to nail it down.

There's also a history here. When I first got the hub, well over a year ago, I had extreme latency just like today. Around v2 they cleared up and got significantly better, but were reintroduced in 2.1.7. I've been through hard and soft resets and it has not cleared it up. When I was still able, I would rollback to 2.1.6 and the problems would go away. Since the hub only offers the previous 4 versions, I've gone beyond the ability to rollback that far anymore, so I'm for now stuck with the issue.

Whether or not your's and the dozens of folks on these forums that have experienced simliar latency have the same exact issue, I cannot say. It certainly seems to correlate. I watched the forum traffic with regard to these kind of reports pretty closely and I saw the volume uptick at the same time I began (re)experiencing latency.

I can tell you, it's not custom software or drivers as is often blamed. I've gone full native and still could repro the problems in simple lighting, motion lighting and RM. I even purchased a second hub to split the load. I've completely replaced the native apps with my own so I could properly debug, I think I have a pretty good insight into the symptoms and can nearly definitively tell you it's not custom apps or drivers at fault, nor the mesh and so on. I personally suspect the database, but I have no visibility on it's design to validate my assumption.


I have the 0000 issue now with on hardware Rev C-5. Was there any reason or remedy found?

Are you seeing messages from 0000 continuously? If not, it is nothing to worry about. 0000 is the hub checking to make sure the zigbee radio is alive and you should only see it after boot or if there is a period of very little/no traffic on the mesh.

I only see it occasionally after a 20 shut down. Trying to heal the Zigbee mesh.

So yeah, that would be expected.

Has anybody seen any updates to this latency problem? It seems to vary a bit, but it's still 1-5 seconds or more. I've even moved everything I can out of RM to Simple or Motion - still doesn't help. Reboot, no help. Did somebody say something about backup/restore the DB?

I have been experiencing no response issues at 3:00 AM. See topic.