Motion Lighting App loosing track of linked devices

I have a simple Motion Lighting App (MLA) set up with a single Aeon Smart Switch triggered from a Aeon MultiSensor during evening/night modes.

  1. Sometime the light goes on when there's motion, mainly it doesn't.
  2. Sometime the light goes off after the delay period, mainly it doesn't.

From the logs I have seen that
1) MLA decides to turn on the switch, but the switch on command is not sent, yet the MLA thinks it is on, even though the device says it's off.
2) MLA decides to turn the switch off, but thinks the switch is off, even though the device says it is on.

Also, if I try and turn the switch device on when it's off but the MLA thinks it's on, the MLA stops the on command going through leaving the switch off.

It strikes me that the MLA is keeping it's own state while not checking the actual device state, but yet it's controlling the device command queue.

What could be going on?



Sorry for the troubles, unfortunately we cannot replicate the issues you are experiencing. Mind posting more details about the rules you have created, the logs you have seen, and the state of the devices at the time the rule is triggered?

If you need help gathering additional details, here is a document that you may find helpful in collecting more details about your problem:

Additionally, this video may help you further troubleshoot the problem:

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Hub is Rev C-5 running

MLA def below, and a digest of the logs from each device/app. You can see where between the switch being toggled in 7 and 19 while there is activity and MLA think it is turning the switch on/off in between.

Mean while, I have turned debug on and and capturing logs to get fuller info.