Motion Lighting App Issues

I had been using the "Simple Lighting" app for all my motion and contact-based light automation. I then decided I wanted to branch out and be able to set lights to specific color temps and brightness based off active motion at certain times. The Motion Lighting app was the obvious choice as it made these options super easy to program.

I setup several "apps" for various lights around the house to perform certain ways. To my delight, they all worked, the first time. I then went in to edit things like color temps and brightness and then ran into my issue of lights just not responding. I then dug into the logs only to find that HE definitely thought the lights were turning on, at certain brightness and color temp. Even so far to the point that once their one min turn off delay was up, the physical light flashed on for a moment (to the correct color and brightness I might add) to only turn off as the app was intended to do.

I then thought perhaps its because I set the color temps to low or brightness to low and the lights didn't like it. So I set the parameters back to what had always worked in the Simple lighting app and once again, they all responded the first time....and then didn't after that.

Devices used:
Motion sensor - Iris V2
Lights - Sylvania Lightify Recessed and Sylvania Lightify A19
Outlet - Kasa Mini

The only thing that has always worked so far is my two Sylvania Lightify A19 bulbs.

I'm lost without any real consistent dominators.

dev:672019-08-03 11:22:08.003 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 was turned off

dev:672019-08-03 11:20:50.864 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 colorMode is CT

dev:672019-08-03 11:20:50.857 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 color is Sodium

dev:672019-08-03 11:20:50.703 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 colorTemperature is 2000°K

dev:672019-08-03 11:20:50.559 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 is 50%

dev:672019-08-03 11:20:50.473 pm infoUpstairs Hallway Light 2 is on

Tried deleting all the Motion Lighting apps and unpaused my simple lighting apps. Nothing worked as it once did.

I then tried restoring a backup from before I started messing with the apps. Everything works once again. Sadly the backup was before I had created 8 different detailed dashboards...

Sounds odd to me what has changed? Are you having network issues? If you send the settings just like the app would from the device page what happens?

Things that changed:
-Added Kasa Mini Wifi plug to HE
-Setup Five rules in Motion Lighting App (most of which overlapped or conflicted with Simple Lighting until I adjusted them)

It was right after I added the rules that things started not working. The devices (most all that I tried atleast) responded correctly both from Dashboards and their device pages. Everything also worked correctly when I reverted to an older backup. Last Night I reverted back to my most recent backup again where none of my light automations were working (with the exception of two rules that I never changed.) Now six hours later and all my basic light automations are working again. I feel that it must have been a software conflict somewhere. Otherwise why else would everything work on an older backup vs a configuration that only added a device and rules?

Is it possible I confused HE when I started adding Motion Lighting apps that overlapped with Simple Lighting apps?

So about the only thing I can confirm is that devices can't be controlled by several lighting rules, regardless if there are no contradictions...Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong?

I still am baffled by the fact that the logs clearly show the devices operating EXACTLY like the rule makes them....yet nothing physically happens, until they reach their turn off timer at which time the lights turn off briefly, to then turn off as they should.

It sounds like you have a rule that is doing something you don't want it to. You need to thing about how they will work together. Turn on logging for all the apps that are being used by the device and then watch what happens in the logs. Hopefully this will point to the rule or app that is doing what you don't want it to at that particular time. Unfortunately it does sound like you as noone else has the issue. I had something like this a while back where I had a workaround in place for a device and forgot it was there. It was turning off the lights and I was convinced it was the driver, but it was because the driver issue was fixed that the workaround was causing me issues.

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